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Dayton Innovation Legacy

The tradition of excellence goes far beyond founders Charles Kettering, Edward Deeds and Orville Wright, or even engineering itself. Contact us to learn how to help the Foundation preserve and communicate the unsung achievements of more recent Club members.


The Engineers Club Story

Watch a 1935 film, in which Charles Kettering and Edward Deeds reminisce about the Engineers Club, and greet Orville Wright in the Engineers Club library. Take a walking tour of the Club in 1935.


Explore the history of this architectural gem—how it came to be, how it has served the club over the decades, and the ongoing efforts to preserve it. You’ll also discover much about the Engineers Club itself in the process.



An award-winning documentary film sponsored by the Engineers Club of Dayton Foundation and the Cordage Institute, Ropewalk tells the story of a local industry’s place in world history through industrialization and globalization. The non-profit film was completely funded by donations and sales, allowing the free distribution of over 500 copies to schools, libraries, museums, and historical societies. Proceeds from DVD sales benefit the Foundation’s education projects.

Other Dayton History Projects of Interest


Dayton Codebreakers

Learn how NCR’s Joseph Desch secretly cracked the Nazi Enigma codes during WWII, helping to shorten the war and set the stage for the computer revolution.


Dayton History Books Online

Author Curt Dalton’s website of Dayton’s local history resources in the words of those who helped shape it. Stories to be discovered include the building of the code-breaking machine at NCR during the Second World War, how the Miami Conservancy was formed after the flood of 1913, Dayton oral histories, and more.